The importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being physically active is widely growing among many individuals of the society. The benefits are long term and once you experience the surge of energy and the feeling of freshness after a good workout session there’s no going back. These days the lives we are living is draining and exhausting both physically and emotionally, leaving hardly any time to focus on the health of our bodies. But if we plan to make it to the coming years in a well enough mental and physical state, exercising is our only way.

Training with a partner, you are romantically involved can have a prominent effect on the outcome of your workout and your relationship as well.
According to research, couples who took part in various outdoorsy activities such as hiking, cycling or going to the gym together have more chances of staying with each other for a longer period of time. And there is actual logic behind this.

Simply put, exercising and participating in sports activities together with someone you’re already attracted to, creates a special bond that is born out of a shared experience.

Happier Relationship

In a study conducted in a lab research it was found out that couples who take part in activities which require physical efforts and give a rush of adrenaline in the blood, reported to be more content and happier with their relationship between them and their partner (Aron, Norman, Aron and Heyman 2002).
A simple date at a restaurant vs. hitting the gym and accomplishing a fitness goal with your partner can be more satisfying and make you and your partner have deeper feelings for each other.

Healthier Emotional Bond

Anyone who exercises knows that it is not just about pushing your body against its limits and feeling the good kind of pain after acing the workout. Exercising has a significantly remarkable and exhilarating impact on the mind too. The brain releases happy hormones or otherwise known as serotonin in the blood stream which make a person feel light hearted, fresh and happy after working out. Thus when you share this amazing experience with your partner, it strengthens your emotional bond with them.

Achieved Fitness Goals

When two people partner up to achieve a single goal it becomes easier to stay focused and push each other towards the end. Caring about each other’s fitness goal and health makes a relationship more strong and it makes each other feel emotionally secure in their presence. When you are supportive of your partner’s healthy lifestyle and maintain your own fitness goal along with it, it will benefit the relationship with fruitful results.

Attract Your Partner

Couples of the opposite sex have reported to feel more romantically attracted to their partner after looking at them during their workout. The raised heartbeat, sweaty bodies and heavy breathing are some signs which can be correlated with other attractive natural reflexes that can leave an unforgettable impact among partners.

So in conclusion, working out with your partner will benefit you in many aspects including your relationship with them. What you waiting for? Enroll yourself and your partner in some of the fun and physically challenging exercises near you and fall in love all over again.