If you are among the individuals who are highly concerned about their health and fitness, you must have noticed that CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity as a health supplement in recent times. Several famous trainers and wellness gurus are now convinced about using CBD oil as a means to support fitness and improve health. Additionally, CBD oil is also known for enhancing athletic performance and so, many top professional athletes of the world have incorporated CBD into their daily fitness regimen.

Following are few famous athletes who consider CBD oil as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and are using it religiously:


Caleb Marshall

Caleb Marshall is a coach, dancing guru and fitness trainer who offers online classes to teach about how they can shape their body by following a balanced diet and an effective workout routine. According to him, consistent, heavy dance practices and workouts make your muscles sore and can cause extreme exhaustion. At times, this increases your anxiety level and you fail to do even daily chores. However, regular use of CBD oil maintains a healthy balance in your body, and allows you to attain peace of mind.


Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan is another name in the list of famous professional athletes. Since he is a linebacker of the US organization called, National Football League, he emphasis on maintaining overall health and physical fitness of the players so that their performance is not hampered due to any negligence.  Recently, he conveyed the news to his followers and other players of NFL through public platforms that he uses CBD regularly and how this practice has affected his well-being. In fact, he has also insisted to conduct further research to discover how CBD creates positive effects on an individual’s health and supports fitness.


Eugene Monroe

Eugene Monroe is definitely the name among top athletes that one cannot ignore. He is a former player of NFL. In 2016, he retired from NFL, but his contribution to the NFL team is remarkable and unforgettable. He played a significant role in reforming policies within professional sports. He was the first football player in NFL who joined the campaign promoting usage of CBD. Even after his retirement, he kept advocating for CBD and encouraged other players to use it as an effective and safe supplement for maintaining health and fitness, without any side-effects.


Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is a professional MMA fighter (mixed martial arts fighter). He was a highlight in the news in 2016 when he was using a CBD vaporizer pen while attending a press conference. In this way, he introduced CBD oil to media prior to its legality by officials after the duration of two years. Hence, he proved to be a helping hand in promoting CBD positively, in particular for the athletic community. He was of the view that CBD maintains a healthy balance and supports your body in dealing with the after-effects of fights and training sessions. He encouraged other fighters as well to use CBD oil in their routine life and experience tremendous health improvement.


Ben Franks

Ben is one of the world’s leading rugby players with two Rugby World Cup titles to his name and almost 50 caps for the All Blacks. Currently playing for Northampton Saints, Franks has been playing Rugby for over two decades, starting his career playing for New Zealand teams Crusaders and Hurricanes from 2006 – 2013 before moving to London Irish and now Saints. In 2010, Ben and his brother Owen Franks became the first brothers to play for the All Blacks since 1997, when they started in the front row against Ireland. And in 2018 younger brother Owen joined ben at Saints. He has been using CBD for years before it was even popular after a fellow sports mate recommended it to him and has been swearing by it ever since. Ben is the co-owner and founder of Impact sports CBD together with James Haskell, together they want all sportsmen to understand what they are putting in their bodies through clarity and trust.


James Haskell

Retired British & Irish Lion, is one of the UK’s most famous rugby internationals, with over 78 senior England Caps to his name has switched to MMA signing with Bellator. He is equally well known for his impressive physique and dedicated attitude towards training and fitness. James is also a social media star and personality, who married his fitness influencer wife Chloe Madeley in 2019. His fans and followers love his playful videos and funny comments, but they also have huge respect for his knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and bombard him daily for advice on how best to eat, train and recover.