Regular workout is a key to stay healthy and, if you take a balanced diet with important supplements and CBD, then surely you can maintain that level of fitness you are looking for. As an athlete, you can comprehend this feeling quite well and understand that fine-tuning all aspects of your life are essential to give an outstanding athletic performance.

In this regard, famous fitness trainers, like James Haskell and Ben Franks advise using CBD oil which not only supports fitness but also maintains a healthy balance between the two. You can consume CBD oil in different forms ranging from ointments to tinctures to edibles. Following are a few helpful ways through which you can incorporate CBD oil into your athletic fitness regime:

  1. Morning Coffee

If you start your day with a cup of coffee, then you can mix caffeine and CBD together and give your body a boost of energy. Caffeine makes you alert and active and these effects are further enhanced by adding a few drops of CBD oil into your drink. CBD oil goes well with tea also.

  • Other Drinks:

You can also incorporate CBD oil into your athletic routine through other drinks that you intake throughout the day like shakes, juices and smoothies.

However, one thing should be kept in mind that dosing of CBD oil is different for everyone. Since it is a stimulant, it should be taken in small doses to avoid sedation.


  1. Using CBD before Workout


It is crucial for athletes to promote mind-body balance to lead a healthy life, as they exert their body consistently to give optimum performance in sports. CBD oil supports fitness by restoring this balance. Therefore, you should intake CBD oil before your workout or training sessions and choose such a method of consumption that potentially enhances the absorption of CBD oil in your body. These methods include vaping or taking CBD tinctures sublingually. In this way, CBD oil travels in your bloodstream quickly and reveals its effects immediately.


  1. Using CBD after Workout or Gaming Session


After an intense workout or a tough game session, your body needs time to recover. Sometimes, as an athlete, you may even have to undergo joint pain, stiffness, and muscle aches that require healing. At this time, you can use CBD oil to support your body fitness. A balm or lotion containing CBD oil can also be applied to your body. Likewise, you can add CBD oil in your post-workout drink as well.


  1. Bedtime Routine

Sleep disturbances can affect your health adversely. Insomnia can result in many severe health conditions. A night of restful sleep is extremely important for an athlete after a tiring day. Therefore, it is advised to incorporate CBD oil in your bedtime routine. If you manage to get peaceful sleep for a long duration, you feel fresh and energetic and this also helps in preparing your body for another tough day. In this way, CBD oil plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy balance and supporting your body fitness.


Dosage Requirement:

It is highly recommended that CBD oil should be consumed twice daily, about 4 mg as a single dose. This is an excellent way to incorporate CBD oil in your routine at a slow pace and then increase the dose gradually till you find it perfect for your body.