Training for sports or working out in the gym requires that you keep yourself hydrated. Regularly taking the fluids during your training will give your body the appropriate energy and hydration for it to function properly. If you want your body to show its full potential then along with routine exercises you must drink up and refill your hydration level accordingly.
The key to keeping your body hydrated is, knowing what to drink and drinking at the right time. The human body is made up 70% of water, that is why you can survive without food for weeks but without water, you won’t be able to live for more than three days.
That’s how important consuming water and other forms of liquids is for the health and fitness of your body.

Here are more important facts of staying hydrated:

  • Women should drink 11 cups of water while men are recommended to drink 16 cups of water on a daily basis. The cup count can vary from person to person depending on the age and body size.
  • Adding vegetables and fruits which have a high proportion of water in them such as cucumbers, spinach, lemon and pineapple etc. hydrates the body efficiently.
  • Water lubricates the joints and prevents arthritis and muscle pain.
  • Drinking water shortly in a day keeps your mouth from getting dry and flushes down any bacteria and virus that have entered the body through your mouth into the stomach.
  • Hydrating the body also cleanses it of toxins and anti-oxidants which are inside the body.
  • Drinking enough water also gives your skin a healthy and fresh glow while keeping it moisturized.

How to stay hydrated while training?

Timely drinking water will help your body regain its hydration. Even if you’re not training to be a serious athlete or just engaging in regular fitness exercises it’s important for you to keep a watch on your water intake. If you don’t give your body the required amount of water it needs then it would fail to function to its maximum extent.

As mentioned above the quantity of water that a person drinks depends on a lot of factors such as the person’s own body type, how fast does that person sweat and get rid of water from their bodies and humidity in the environment etc.
The intensity of your exercise routine will also be affected by your intake of water.

Here is a list of basic instructions of staying hydrated:

  • Before exercise:
    Drink 17 to 20 ounces or 500 ml of water at least 2 to 3 hours before you start exercising.
  • 30 minutes before exercise:
    Drink 8 ounces or almost 200 ml of water 30 minutes or 25 minutes before you start exercises.
  • During exercise:
    Keep a bottle near you and take a sip of water in between the workout. 10 ounces or 300 ml of water should be enough to drink after every 20 minutes during exercise.
  • After exercise:

Wait for at least 30 minutes after exercising and drink 8 to 10 ounces or 200 ml to 250 ml of water this could be a great time to add a few drops of CBD oil as well.


PRO tip from James Haskell

James drinks 7-8 Liters per “it’s not for everybody. I track a lot through training by weighing myself, knowing how many calories I burn and the amount I sweat.”

  • Start your day off with 500ml of water
  • Add some pink salt or rock salt for extra electrolytes and to flush your system out.

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