In life, we’ve all hit highs and lows when it comes to health and fitness. Indeed, the road to a healthy body isn’t an easy one. You’ve to experience the bumpy and crooked paths before you reach your ultimate goal.

For students, it may be a subject that he/she is greatly struggling with throughout the semester.

For athletes, it’s staying motivated to their fitness plan, and if there is an injury, it becomes a hurdle to their goals.

Let’s face it, you’ve to challenge yourself and work out of your comfort zone to achieve the desired results. Whether you’re procrastinating, you’ve got zero motivation, or you’ve been feeling disheartened lately with your efforts, this guide will help you in getting past the rock bottom and ascend to the highs of a happy and healthy lifestyle!


1) Accept the process

Accept the fact that miracles don’t happen overnight. You need to work through blood, sweat, and tears to achieve your goal. The feeling of laziness and lack of motivation is part of the process. If you have got a tough schedule ahead of you make sure you plan out properly as to not reach a level of stress that will only make things worse. Always appreciate yourself and don’t push yourself to the point that it affects you physically and mentally. So, be consistent with your efforts and remember hard work pays off!


2) Figure out the reason 

Every other athlete hits plateaus for various reasons. You need to figure out the reason behind the frustration and failure.

It could be that you aren’t taking care of your body the way you should by having a nutritious diet. Secondly, you aren’t challenging yourself enough during your workout regimen or you’re taking frequent breaks from the exercise. The stress can also be a major culprit which becomes a hindrance to your progress.

It’s important to identify the cause and overcome them one by one.


3) Have a positive mindset

Working out for a major event while you’ve many other things to do on the list can be very stressful and needs to be dealt with. If you’re stress working, this could have a negative impact on your health, leading to setbacks, exhaustion, self-doubts, etc. Whenever you find yourself in such situations, pull yourself out and pat yourself on the back for making progress each day because you deserve appreciation. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself.


4) Do it step by step

If you can’t seem to make progress, the best approach is to reduce the number of exercises and start from scratch with baby steps. Because baby steps build back habits.

Begin with an exercise that is easier for you to perform and slowly, increase the progression. When your body is fully prepared, you can try out an extensive variety of exercises. In this way, you can work your way up and make progress.


5) Try out CBD oil

Don’t be afraid to use supplements such as IMPACT CBD oil that can support you towards your goals. IMPACT CBD oil is made from the finest and 100% legal hemp plant. It contains powerful cannabinoids that support your body. CBD oil is completely safe for consumption. Add this to your routine today!



The key to happiness and health is accepting the lows of every journey and striving to do best by incorporating these steps in your life. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself for coming a long way!