In this era, everybody is weight-conscious and wants to keep his/her body in shape to look good and feel good. Maintaining a healthy weight is easy if you follow a strict routine of working out regularly. However, if you are a beginner in your fitness journey, you cannot just start with heavy workouts as your body is not used to tolerate intense pressure.

Low-impact exercises are quite effective and safe. Although they do not show immediate results, they are as helpful as high-intensity workouts in burning calories and shedding some of those extra pounds from your body. Additionally, if you incorporate CBD oil in your post-workout routine, it supports fitness and maintains a healthy balance in your body. Following are a few low-impact exercises that prove useful in achieving your fitness goals:




Swimming is one of the top choices among low-impact workouts as it helps tremendously in burning a lot of calories. Swimming is not only fun but also instills flexibility and strength in your body in just a single session. The freestyle stroke in swimming is although the basic one but it involves muscle movement throughout your body, particularly your quads, triceps, pecs, and shoulders. For an average 155 pound individual, thirty minutes of swimming burns around 220 calories.




Another option among some great low-impact exercises is the elliptical. This workout is very convenient choice for individuals who do not want to put heavy stress on their arms and legs. The elliptical is especially helpful for aged people or for newbies who are not familiar with other fitness equipment. In fact, the elliptical is user-friendly and can burn a huge amount of calories within a short span of time.




Walking is a well-known, low-impact exercise that helps you in accomplishing your weight-loss goals. It burns calories while working on your cardiovascular system. In fact, many medical practitioners suggest walking over running, especially for people having back, knee and ankle problems. Walking also offers the opportunity to breathe in some fresh air and allows you to maintain a healthy balance in your body without any stressful workout.




The StairMaster is a superb instrument that aids in reducing excess weight or maintaining your current weight. A thirty-minute, low-impact workout on this amazing tool can burn around 170 to 250 calories or even more than that. StairMaster makes your thighs, calves, and buttocks strong. As your legs are in full motion, you tend to get a shaped body with toned muscles. Whether you climb stairs while staying at home or in the gym, you end up burning a high amount of calories in a short interval of time.




Yoga is another name in the list of low-impact workouts that cannot be ignored. Today, yoga has gained popularity as a stress-free workout worldwide. People have a firm belief in the power of yoga to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility and eliminate stress. Yoga burns calories and removes body pains by stretching your muscles and enabling you to experience free motion without feeling muscle stiffness. You can perform yoga anytime, anywhere without any restriction.

All of the aforementioned low-impact workouts are extremely beneficial for your health. When you make a habit of using CBD oil as an essential supplement after these workouts, you see a visible improvement in your health and body fitness.