CiiTECH is dedicated to uncovering and sharing cannabis research.  Through our partnerships we create cannabis health and wellness products the UK has come to TRUST.

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CiiTECH is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing cannabinoid products for the global market. We do this by partnering and collaborating with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation.

Our Pathway is to develop a pipeline of collaborative research between leading Israeli and UK institutions. The results and insights from this research will guide our product development teams to create effective products.

The mission of CiiTECH is to remain at the forefront of cannabinoid research to unravel, study and report on the many potential benefits of cannabinoids.

CiiTECH brings leading Israeli cannabis science and innovation to the UK and European Markets. Through our international partnerships between Israeli & UK institutions and commercial organizations we’re able to leverage cutting edge science to rapidly accelerate our products to market.